Boys Varsity Football · Recap of Bolivar vs. SouthSide

The Bolivar Tigers traveled to take on the SouthSide Hawks for their homecoming on Friday, September 21. These two teams have become rivalries due to their past experiences. Last year, the Tigers hosted the Hawks for their homecoming and won by a big margin. SouthSide was looking for revenge. The game started off with the Hawks getting the ball. Their first possession started off with only a field goal making the score 0-3. However, the Tigers answered with a touchdown but failed to make the extra point. As the second quarter began, the Hawks scored a touchdown making the score 6-10. This was the only score of the second quarter allowing the Hawks to have the lead going into halftime. The Tigers started off with the ball beginning the third quarter. As the third quarter progressed, the Tigers took the lead 12-10 with 4:47 left in the third quarter. Unfortunately, the Hawks answered with a touchdown making the score 17-12 going into the fourth quarter. The Tigers fought hard to take the lead back, but could not put a drive together to do so. The final score was 12-24 with SouthSide scoring in the last minutes of the game. This was an upsetting loss for the Tigers, but they have three straight home games to follow. They look to win all three and boost their confidence.